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How can tax system strengthen the social contract?

Taxation mobilizes the resources needed for government action. It influences economic decisions and reinforces social justice.

The challenge of sustainable cities: how to build resilience into the cities of tomorrow?

Sustainable cities are a real political project that must guide policies on urban development and access to services and infrastructure.

The challenges of food security in the face of crises

Food security is a crucial development issue, exacerbated by recent global crises, which are prompting international players to work towards a transition to more sustainable and resilient food systems.  

Justice in wartime: how to prepare for peace?

Dispensing justice in times of war and armed conflict, be it interstate aggression or civil war within a territory, represents a considerable challenge. How can access to justice and the essential missions of the public justice service be maintained in a territory that is under the...

Combating gender-based violence

Prevent, punish, repair: how can justice protect our planet?

Environmental Justice

Prevent, punish, repair: how can justice protect our planet?

The Initiative: 10 years of commitment to global health

The Pandemic Initiative: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It has been committed to global health for 10 years.

Social protection and development: what tools are needed to meet tomorrow's challenges?

Social protection is a major tool for ensuring the resilience of economies and populations in the face of shocks and crises. It lies at the heart of development policies.

Gender justice and development: how to build egalitarian societies at last?

Ensuring gender equality is key to improving development indicators.

Economic development in fragile areas

What is the current state of economic development in fragile zones? What constraints are entrepreneurs facing? What impact has the crisis had on investment, and how is the financial system adapting?

Resilience and adaptation: how to prepare for tomorrow's natural disasters?

Preventing, preparing for and responding to disasters is a major challenge for all countries, and requires the involvement of all players.

Culture, a lever for development and stability?

As a manifestation of collective memory and identity, an expression of the vitality of societies and a generator of exchanges, culture is a vector of social cohesion.

Health, safety and legal issues: how to guarantee quality medicines in Africa?

How can we support African countries in implementing a global approach that takes into account the health, legal and safety aspects of drug production, distribution and consumption?

What are the solutions to the economic and social consequences of Covid-19 in Africa?

The negative consequences of the pandemic on the economic and social fabric are significant, and are limiting the capacities of already fragile states.

Security and development: can we still innovate in crisis and conflict situations?

To guarantee peace and stability, the security-development contiguum approach can be a way of improving the way in which partner states and development agencies operate.

Private sector development and entrepreneurship: a factor for stability in conflict zones?

Support for private sector development and access to employment are important factors in fostering a country's resilience and stability.

The fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria: what are the major challenges?

Expertise France, through its HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria initiative, works to strengthen healthcare systems.

Employability and innovation: the IBDA3 project, a model incubator for Tunisia?

How to develop the IBDA3 incubator project in Tunisia? How can we encourage players to take ownership of the site?

Open government: towards citizen participation in public action?

Open government is a culture of governance that promotes the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder participation, in the service of democracy and inclusive growth.

Beijing 2020: towards a new global pact between Man and Nature?

How can we ensure the success of future negotiations in Beijing? What lessons can be learned from the Paris Climate Agreement? What role for France and the European Union?

Securing the oceans to promote the blue economy?

Securing maritime areas is a real strategic challenge, both economically and in terms of environmental protection.

Digital skills at the heart of young people's professional integration: what initiatives are needed to strengthen them?

The challenge is therefore a major one for most countries: the acquisition of digital skills to provide access to an essential digital culture for all citizens.

Innovating to reconcile economy and ecology: what avenues for development cooperation projects?

The design and implementation of international cooperation projects must help transform the traditional economy into a sustainable one.

Co-production and planning for the city of tomorrow: what are the most effective partnerships between public and private players?

City planning requires a global approach, integrated over time and involving all stakeholders: local authorities, businesses and civil society.
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