Combating gender-based violence

Is the fight against gender-based violence a development issue?

The fight against sexual and gender-based violence, "the other pandemic", denounced with constancy every November 25 throughout the world since the institutionalization of a dedicated world day by the United Nations in 2000, is moving up the institutional and feminist agenda both in Europe and in the Global South. The Me too movement, and the tragic increase in violence during the pandemic or in the context of conflict, and the denunciation of the use of women's bodies as weapons of war, have put a particular spotlight on this issue and put pressure on international, national and local authorities to pay more attention and provide more resources to curb it, or even prevent any backsliding.

 What do we know about the figures that measure the seriousness of the situation and the responses provided by the justice system and institutions? What is the link between gender-based violence and the achievement of sustainable development goals?

How can international exchanges and cooperation support and stimulate new advances?

Here are some of the questions we put to our experts.  


Wide angle

Me. Delphine Djirabe

Lawyer specializing in the fight against gender-based violence in schools, PILC, Chad

Florence Delcher

NENGO Project Manager, Pierre Fabre Foundation

Abdoulaye Cissé

Masculinities facilitators, NGO Graines, Senegal

Alejandra Valdes

Gender Division, CEPAL, Chile

Simon Dubois-Yassa

Project manager, trainer and consultant on gender and masculinity issues for the Belgian NGO "Le Monde selon les femmes".

Aurélie Gal-Regniez

Executive Director, NGO EQUIPOP


Jérémie Pellet

Managing Director, Expertise France

Margarita Guille

Executive Director, NGO RIRE, Mexico

Marie-Hélène Loison

Deputy Managing Director, Agence Française de Développement

Reda Shukry

Founder and director of Al-Shehab, Egypt


Doris Salcedo