The Rendez-vous de l'Expertise community of experts

Julien Serre

Deputy Director of the Peace, Stability and Security Department.

Dr Rahahleh Hazim

Director General of Social Security in Jordan.

Pr Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008.

Bertrand Badie

Professor Emeritus at Sciences Po Paris

Patrice Chevalier

Managing Director of Projet Production Internationale (PPI)

Guillaume Tixier

Journalist specializing in the environment and sustainable development.

Frédérique Leprince

Director of European and International Relations and Cooperation at the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales.

Clea Chakraverty

Journalist specializing in gender and inequality issues, head of the Politics and Society section at The...

Laurence Tubiana

Director of the European Climate Foundation.

Ahmad Awad

Director of the Phenix Center.

Ralph Agrippine

Senior Counsellor at the Seychelles Embassy in France

Ahlem Gharbi

Director of Partnerships, Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

Louis Pizarro

Managing Director of the NGO Solthis.

Bradeddine Ouali

Chairman of the Fondation Tunisie pour le Développement.

Dr Oanh Khuat Thi Hai

Executive Director of the Support Center for Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in Vietnam.

Patrice Bergamini

European Union Ambassador to Tunisia

Caroline Damour

Public health pharmacist in the Health Department of Expertise France.

Dr Sophie Ouvrard

Technical Department Manager at Solthis.

Marie-Hélène Morvan

FNEP 2017 mission delegate #Soberiser.

Dr Stéphanie Baux

General coordinator of Médecins du Monde in Côte d'Ivoire.

Harold Coffi

General Manager of Société Générale in Burkina Faso

Agarwal Abhinav

Frugal innovation consultant and entrepreneur

Frédéric Auvray

Newspaper reporter for Le Marin

Chakroun Borhene

Chief, Section for Youth, Literacy and Skills Development, UNESCO Education Sector

Maimouna Mbow Fam

World Bank Resident Representative in Burkina Faso.

Stéphanie Tchiombiano

Coordinator of L'Initiative from 2012 to 2015, coordinator of the Think Tank Santé Mondiale.

Alassane Ba

Pharmacist, Director of the Centre humanitaire des métiers de la pharmacie (CHMP)

Boureima Salouka

Journalist, representative in Burkina Faso of Deutsche Welle Akademie.

Aly Diallo

1st Vice-President of the Regional Council of Eastern Burkina Faso

Sandrine Kouadio Dié

Pair-educator for Médecins du Monde in Côte d'Ivoire.

Alejandra Valdes

Researcher, Gender Division, CEPAL

Olivier Marcy

Epidemiologist, principal investigator of the TB-Speed project at the University of Bordeaux.

Christophe Chevallier

BFTPI project expert and head of AREP's urban division

Jacques Follorou

Investigative journalist with Le Monde newspaper.

Charles Dalla

Director General of Territorial Development and SUP Coordinator

Nicolas Guillou

International judge at the Specialized Chambers for Kosovo (CSK) since 2019

Veronica Noseda

Operational research project manager at Expertise France.

Katia Kuseke

Co-founder and CEO of Fresh Afrika

Isabelle Guérin

Director of Research at the Institut de recherche pour le développement.

Anna Adamska - Gallant

Expert, PRAVO JUSTICE Project

Didier Babin

Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework Project Manager - EU Support, Expertise France

Muriel Santoro

Compass Project Manager, Education, Vocational Training and Employment, Human Capital and Social Development Department, Expertise France.

Matthieu Brun

Scientific Director, FARM Foundation

Jean-François Guillaume

Head of the Humanitarian and Stabilization Operations Center, Crisis and Support Center, Ministry of Europe and...

Samuel Soriano

Managing Director, Saint-Nazaire Regional Planning Agency.

Anne Beinier

PhD - Resident Twinning Advisor, expert in social protection for the European Commission.

Aline Robert

Editor-in-chief of Euractiv France.
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